Telephone Service Request

Use this form to request one of the following phone services:

  • Request a new phone service
    • Single-line phone
    • Microsoft Teams phone
    • Multi-line phone
    • Conference phone
    • Credit card reader
    • Fax line
  • Move a phone from one campus location to another
  • Disconnect an existing phone service
    • NOTE: This means your phone line will be disconnected, your physical phone will be picked up by a Network Operations staff member, and the phone number will no longer be associated with this phone. 
    • CAUTION: Desk phones, Teams numbers, long distance, voicemail, and other desk phones are bundled into your annual telephone service charge. Cancelling a telephone account such as a desk phone line will also cancel these bundled features, including that individual's Team number.
      • If a desk phone is no longer needed, but you want to keep the Teams number, a $15.00 fee will be charged per month.
  • Submit service or billing information changes
  • Request a long distance PIN
  • Report an issue

Learn more about phone services.

Requester Information

This is the person submitting the request on behalf of the person who is getting the phone service. If this person is requesting on behalf of themselves, please complete this section and the customer section as well.

Customer Information

This is the person who requires a phone service.


To find your own Position Number, log into the SAP Portal and click My Leave Balance. After Position, a number followed by your title will be listed. The number is your Position Number.

To find another employee's Position Number, log into SAP Business Client, and run this transaction: ZELST. Those with Department Head role and the Travel Assistant role can run this transaction to see employee position numbers in their department.

Phone Service Type *
Phone Service Type *

NOTE: Please submit your request two weeks prior to the date you would like to change the existing phone service.

This is where your phone is currently located.
This will be the new location of your phone.

One-Time Billing Information

Enter account information to be billed for the service fees associated with your service. Fees will be discussed with you once we fully know the work being requested.

Billing contact preference *

Annual Billing Information

Please enter the annual billing information used for this phone account.

NOTE: If the individual is eligible for centralized billing, this will be confirmed separately after the form has been submitted.