The Migration Assistant Moves Content from TRACS to Canvas

Data migration from one system to another can be tricky. To help out, we have developed a Migration Assistant to move your data from TRACS tools to Canvas tools with similar functionality.

Since TRACS and Canvas are very different, it is important that you plan to review and revise your content once in Canvas. 

Using the Migration Assistant

How to Submit a Migration Request

  1. Go to the TXST Login site.
  2. Enter your NetID and password, and click Login.

    login page
  3. If prompted, complete Duo.

    NetID 2-Step
  4. Click Account, and click Project & Course Creation.

    Course Creation
  5. Create either an Academic Course or Project Course.

    NOTE: If you have already created a course or project course, and would like to migrate TRACS data, click Migration Assistant and continue with the steps below.
  6. Once your site is created, click Migrate TRACS Content.

    Migrate TRACS content

    The Course Migration Tool will display.
  7. Click New Migration Request.

    new migration request
  8. Next to Find Your Site, enter the name of your project or course site located in TRACS.

    TIP: If you don't remember your TRACS site name, go to TRACS, locate the site name, then return to this part in Canvas.
  9. Next to the desired site, click the checkbox. Next to each TRACS tool, click the check boxes for all available tools with content to migrate to your Canvas course.

    choose which content to migrate
  10. Next to Existing Canvas Course, click the drop down menu, and click a course name. Click Submit.

    choose the existing Canvas course

    A message will display indicating that the migration request has been submitted. The message also offers expectations on next steps. For example: Your Course Migration Request has been successfully submitted. The request is currently number 1 in our processing queue.

    migration status

    At this point, the migration will begin in the background. Depending on the number of requests already in queue and the amount of content that is being moved to Canvas, it can take several minutes for the process to complete.

    You are welcome to close your web browser or perform other actions in Canvas or repeat these steps to submit another migration request.

How to Check the Status of a Migration Request

  1. Go to the TXST Login site.
  2. Enter your NetID and password, and click Login.

    login page
  3. If prompted, complete NetID 2-Step.

    NetID 2-Step login
  4. Click Account, and click Migration Assistant.

    Migration Assistant

    The Course Migration Tool will display along with the status of each migration request.

    Here are definitions of each status level:
    • Waiting In Queue:  Migration request is in line behind one or more other requests.

    • In Progress:  Site content is being migrated to Canvas.

    • Completed (Green): Content has been successfully migrated.

    • Completed (Yellow): The migration has completed but with warnings; click the arrow to see details.

    • Failed: The migration experienced an error and was unable to migrate any content into Canvas; click the arrow to set details

    • All: The sum of all migration requests

  5. Next to each status type, click View to see specifics on the course migration.

    Course migration tool
  6. Once complete, if the Complete button has an arrow, click the arrow.

    migration status complete with warnings

    The number of migration warnings will display.

    number of migration warnings

    Warning details will also display at the bottom of the screen. Please review that Canvas tool, and update your site accordingly.

    warning details