How to Decrypt, Re-image, and Re-encrypt a Previously Encrypted Windows Computer

NOTES: Only computers that have been previously encrypted by ITAC are eligible to follow this re-encryption process. Do not power off or allow the device to sleep or hibernate at any time during the decryption and re-encryption processes. Decryption can take 6+ hours to complete and full encryption can take 8+ hours to complete, regardless of the OS. 

CAUTION: A self-encrypting drive (SED) must be decrypted prior to re-imaging. Failure to do so could render the drive inoperable. If you are unsure if you have an SED, contact ITAC before you re-image the device.

1. Complete and submit a Re-image Encrypted Computer Request form.

2. You will be provided with an ITAC service request ticket number.

3. Re-image the computer.

4. Bind the computer to the domain, and confirm that Software Center is populated.

5. Ensure that Texas State Client Administrators have Local Admin access to the device

NOTE: ITAC must be provided with this access to be able to fully support the device.

6. Once the request is received and steps 2-5 above are completed, ITAC will work with the requestor to re-encrypt the device.