How to Use Ensemble Anthem in the Classroom

Ensemble Anthem has been installed on all Windows computers in IT Supported Classrooms.

  • The below steps are only required for the instructors initial use on the classroom Windows computer.
  • Instructors using Apple computers in classrooms please install Ensemble Anthem.

Follow these steps record using Ensemble Anthem:

  1. Go to
  2. Under Username, enter your NetID.
  3. Under Password, enter your NetID password.
  4. Under Identity Provider, choose TxState NetID.
  5. Click Login.
  6. In the Media Library, click Record.

    NOTE:  The Record button will only display for faculty and staff who have Anthem access. If you don't see the button, Request Anthem access.

    Record Anthem Button
  7. The Anthem app will open, and recording will begin.

    NOTE: Once the Ensemble Anthem launches, it can be opened directly from the Windows classroom computer in the future without needing to open Mediaflo.

    NOTE: To change the library that Anthem uploads to, revisit Mediaflo and select the Record button from that library.