eduroam Worldwide Wi-Fi Network FAQs

I have returned from another eduroam institution, and my device keeps trying and failing to connect to eduroam at Texas State. How do I stop this?

Texas State users cannot connect to eduroam while on the Texas State campus. Your device is seeing the eduroam network and is trying to connect but is failing. To resolve the issue, set your device to forget the remembered eduroam network. This way, it won’t try to log in and fail while on our campus. 

I work or go to school at Texas State, and I can't log into eduroam on the TXST campus. What's happening?

Texas State users cannot log into eduroam while on the TXST campus. However, when you visit a participating research or higher education institution, you will be able to connect to eduroam during your visit.

I am a visitor to Texas State and I can't log into eduroam. How do I get help?

Your institution must be a participating member of eduroam. See the list of participating institutions.

If you are successfully entering your institution's credentials and cannot connect, please contact your institution's technical support team for assistance.

I can't connect to a service provided by my institution while connected to eduroam. What's happening?

While you can connect to the internet, you may not be able to access all of your institution's services. See a list of port restrictions.

I work or go to school at Texas State and travel to participating eduroam academic and research institutions often. Is there something I can do to prepare beforehand?

Yes! You can download the TXST eduroam installer to automatically connect when traveling to participating eduroam academic and research institutions.