Analog Phone Features

Free Features

The following FREE features are available to you from Texas State:


Activate: Flash the switch hook, hear three beeps, press # plus 4, and hang up.

Return: Lift the handset and flash the switch hook.

Call Transfer/3-Party Conference

Flash the switch hook, hear three beeps, dial the number to transfer, announce the caller, and hang up or flash the switch hook to connect conference callers.

Call Forward (On-campus numbers only)

Activate: Lift handset, press # plus 1, hear dial tone, dial number, and hang up.

Cancel: Lift handset, dial # plus 1, and hang up.

Ring Again (for busy on-campus numbers only)

Activate: Flash the switch hook, hear these beeps, dial 11, hear dial tone, and hang up.

Respond: Hear short burts, and lift handset.

(Number is automatically dialed.)

Cancel: Lift handset, dial 11, and hang up.

Call Waiting

Hear two beeps, flash the switch hook or press flash/reset button. Connects to 2 party. Flash the switch hook again or press flash/reset button.

Connects to original call.

If you prefer to connect to the 2 party and disconnect with the 1 party. Be sure to hold the switch hook for 3 seconds and not the flash/reset button.

Activate: Press # plus 5.

Deactivate: Press # plus 6.