ITAC Student Employment

Handshake Job #: 5174502

Hours per Week: Undergraduate students - 25 max; Graduate students - 20 max
Starting Wage: $10.50/hour

Job Descriptions

Call Center
Service Centers

  • Provide computer tech support for university computer based systems via phone, email, in person, and chat
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose software and hardware issues
  • Research new and unfamiliar issues in provided knowledge guides or online
  • Log detailed and accurate descriptions of each customer contact into a service management ticketing database
  • Greet customers and effectively and tactfully communicate technical issues to non-technical people

Computer Delivery & Setup
Hardware & Computer Repair

  • Unpack, image, encrypt, document, and re-pack computers as prep for computer deployment
  • Perform Computer pickup, delivery, and deployment (complete set up) as needed
  • Remove hard drives from old computers slated for disposal


  • Employ graphic design and video editing to create promotional materials
  • Create one-of-a-kind social media content
  • Review and revise webpages using the university’s content management system
  • Draft and edit knowledge articles (how-to, FAQs, tech blogs)
  • Attend and represent ITAC during university events

Network Operations Center

  • Monitor a variety of TXST systems through a series of websites and software
  • Log detailed and accurate descriptions of overnight incidents into a service management ticketing database
  • Report critical statuses over the phone to the respective personnel
  • Typical hours are midnight to 8 a.m.

Classroom Tech

  • Assist full-time technicians in installation of classroom media equipment
  • Respond to trouble calls in campus classrooms to assist faculty in solving technical issues with classroom media equipment
  • Receive and inventory media equipment
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of office
  • Maintain and service department golf carts
  • Clean loading dock

Office Assistant

  • Receive and inventory media equipment
  • Maintain and organize stock inventory of office supplies
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of office
  • Assist technicians as needed in prepping media equipment for installation

Teaching Theaters – Theater Technician

  • Open/Close teaching theaters daily
  • Greet and assist Faculty with set-up and use of Teaching Theater technology and facilities
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose software and hardware issues
  • Assist Teaching Theater Coordinator with delivery/pick-up of theater supplies and maintenance/installation of technology
  • Communicate daily with the Theater Coordinator via phone/text/email
  • Facilitate special events (evening and weekend shifts could be assigned)
  • Ensure that students, faculty and guests adhere to teaching theater policies
  • Create and post physical/digital signage
  • Maintain sanitation and functionality of theaters

Device Management

  • Windows and Mac software package testing
  • Operating System image testing for Windows and Mac
  • Encryption testing
  • Open lab/classroom software and image management
  • Advanced troubleshooting and diagnosis of software issues
  • Creating documentation for the processes and practices utilized by the team

NOTE: All ITAC student employment jobs are customer service intensive. You must be able to handle phone calls, emails, in-person conversations, and chat sessions while maintaining a polite and respectful attitude at all times.


  • This is a customer service intensive environment. Polite and respectful phone, email, in-person, and chat etiquette is required.
  • The ability to effectively and tactfully communicate technical issues to non-technical people.
  • You must possess good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Basic computer knowledge or the ability to learn technology quickly is a must.
  • Advanced computer knowledge consisting of but not limited to Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), macOS X, residential network connection troubleshooting, and virus and spyware diagnosis is a plus.
  • The ability to effectively research new and unfamiliar issues.
  • Background in audio-visual, electronic and computer installation and/or troubleshooting
  • Ability to work on 12 foot ladder
  • Ability to lift 35+ lbs (technician and office assistant)

NOTE: ITAC has an excellent training program for our student employees. If you have great customer service people skills but lack technology skills, we can train you! We're looking for positive attitudes and the willingness to learn!

ITAC Hiring Process

  • The ITAC Hiring Committee regularly reviews all applications and interviews individuals who will meet our existing needs. We will contact you if your qualifications are a good fit for a current vacant position.
  • Should a position not be available at this time, your application will remain on file until the end of the current semester (fall or spring). This will enable our hiring managers to consider you for future openings and possible interviews later in the semester.
  • To keep our files current, we will archive all student employment applications at the end of each semester. If you are not interviewed or hired during the current semester and wish to continue to remain in our files for future consideration, please re-apply at the beginning of each new semester with your updated resume and availability information.
  • Applicants must pass a background check to be eligible for employment with ITAC.

How to Apply

  1. Log into Handshake and search for Job#: 5174502.
  2. Complete and submit your employment application.


  • Be prepared to upload a cover letter, resume, and class schedule.
  • Only this online application will be considered for employment with ITAC.
  • Cover letters and resumes are encouraged but not required.

Thanks for your interest in joining the ITAC team!