How to Request Course Authorization

If you are an instructor or a person working with an instructor, yet you are not the instructor on record and wish to create a course site using their assigned roster, you will need to request authorization before a roster can be attached to your course.

Follow these steps to Request Course Authorization:

  1. Go to the TXST Login site.
  2. Enter your NetID and password, and click Login.

    login screen
  3. If prompted, complete Duo.

    NetID 2-Step login
  4. Click Account, and click Course & Project Creation.

    click Course and Project Creation

    By default, the Academic Courses tab is selected.
  5. Under Manage Academic Courses, click the applicable semester.
  6. Click Request Course Authorization.

    request course authorization
  7. On the Course Creation screen, complete the following:
    • To agree to the appropriate use statement, click the checkbox.
    • For Name, enter a course name.
    • For Public Description, enter an optional course description.
      Section Organization is blank which indicates you are not an instructor of record in any course.
  8. Click Request Course Authorization.

    complete fields and request course authorization
  9. On the Request Course Authorization screen, complete the following:
    • Under Subject, click the drop down menu and choose a subject.
    • Under Course, click the drop down menu and choose a course.
    • Under Section, click the drop down menu and choose a section.
    • Under Authorizer's NetID, enter the NetID of the instructor of record.
    • Under Special Instructions, enter an optional message.
    • Confirm that you are the instructor for the sections selected, check the box.
  10. Click Send Request.

    send request for course authorization

    On the Course Creation screen, under Section Organization, the sections you requested access to are now listed.
  11. Click Submit.

    submit course creation

    The requested course will show as pending authorization.

    A ticket with ITAC will be created, and you will receive an email with a ticket number. ITAC will contact the instructor of record to gain permission to fulfill the request.
  12. Click Go to the Course.

    course authorization pending

    While authorization is pending, you can move forward with creating course content. The course is in an Unpublished state.
  13. Click People.

    course is unpublished

    You are the only person in this course at the moment.

    people section of the course
  14. Check the status of your approval by clicking Account, clicking Course Creation, and seeing the status on the course box.

    course status is pending

    When ITAC receives permission from the instructor of record, you will receive an email noting the outcome.
  15. Click Account, and click Course Creation. The status of your course will change to Included, indicating you are now instructor of record.

    course status is now included
  16. Click Courses, the course name, and People. You will see the course roster has been added with students.

    course roster has students

Next Steps:

After your course is created, you may want to import a template to your course.

If you have content in TRACS that you would like to move to Canvas, use the Migration Assistant. Be sure to review your data and revise as needed.