Student Course Evaluations and Surveys

Why should I fill out course evaluations?

Course Evaluations are your opportunity to give honest, anonymous feedback to your instructor and their supervisors. 

Many faculty members use the results and comments to make improvements to their course for future students and to improve their own teaching skills. Additionally, department chairs weigh the comments and responses on Course Evaluations when making decisions about the future of the faculty member within their department, or when considering pay raises and promotions.  


Your evaluations may be delivered through Canvas or via email.
When delivered through Canvas, a pop-up message displays on your screen when you click into a class. This pop up contains a message and buttons to complete the evaluation or do it later. A widget will also appear on your Dashboard, in the bottom right corner, with a list of all available evaluations and their due dates.  Departments may also opt to send an email directly from the CES system containing a link to the evaluation.  

Reopening Evaluations 

ITAC can reopen your evaluations, provided the due date has not passed.  Submit a request  if you would like your evaluation to be reopened. 

Student Frequently Asked Questions

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