Bobcat Digital Signs FAQs

Cost & Billing

Installation & Maintenance

  • The required components for a successful digital sign deployment are:

    • 1 LCD display (specific model)
    • 1 digital signage player
    • 1 data port
    • 2 power outlets 
    • Control and video cables
    • Display mount with player add-on
  • Refresh cycles are based on the warranty of the hardware at the time of installation +/- performance (e.g. - number of active hours) and needs of the department. Departments are responsible for the replacement of hardware and peripherals that are no longer under warranty.


  • Digital sign installation is coordinated through the IT Assistance Center.

  • Digital signs require electricity and network and have ADA accessibility requirements that must be adhered to when installing signs. The IT Assistance Center will discuss all options and requirements with you during the AV consultation.

    Plus digital signs are installed throughout campus in high traffic areas.

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