Attaching Pages to Documents

Pages Not Yet Scanned

  1. The scanner toolbar will appear. Change any settings as needed.

    Scanner Toolbar
  2. Use the Next Page, previous page button to move to the location of the new page.  On the menu bar (far left side), click the Page menu button, then New Page, then Scan.

    New Page, Scan
  3. Choose Insert After, Insert Before or Append (add as last page).

    The scanner will scan the page and insert it as specified. You may add more than one page. The new page(s) are saved in the document.

    Already Scanned, still in a batch.

  4. If the pages are already scanned and in a batch, attach the image to the existing document. Open BDMS in another browser tab/window and look up the existing document and record the index fields used. Open the batch of pages to be attached and enter the index fields recorded for the existing document.


    On the toolbar, click the Select Indexes button. Documents that match the index fields you just entered will be listed.

    select indexes

    Find the row needed, click Attach.


    This will index the current image as an additional pages.

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Delete a Document

There are two (2) ways to delete a document:

  • Delete from Query Result
  • Delete while document is open

Query Result List

Find the record to be deleted.

Click the check box in front of the document to be deleted and click the Delete button.

Delete Button

If you do not have the authority to do this, notify your supervisor.

Changing Batch Name

Document Already Open

If the document is open, on the menu bar, click Document and click Delete Document.

Delete Document

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Index Fields are Incorrect

If any index fields are incorrect, including the Banner ID, correcting the error is easy.

  1. When viewing the document, display the index using the Document Index button.

    Document Index button

    TIP: If changing the Banner ID, be sure to press the TAB key after entering the ID to ensure you have entered the correct ID before you click save.
  2. Click Save.

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Document Pages Out of Sequence

This process addresses the situation when a page is out of order. This may be discovered during the indexing process or later when reviewing the document.

When indexing, if an error is discovered that a page will be out of sequence, continue indexing pages and make the correction to the document after completion of the batch.

To review the page sequence, use the Next Page and Previous Page buttons.There are two ways to re-order pages: Reorder Pages and Thumbnail View

Reorder Page - Move Up and Down

  1. Open the document.
  2. Use the Next Page and Previous Page button to display the page in the incorrect sequence.

    Reorder Page
  3. Click Page, click Reorder Page, then click the option needed to move the page into its correct location.

    query results window

Reorder Page - Thumbnail View

  1. Open the document.
  2. Click Toggle.

    Clear Index

    Thumbnail representations of the document pages will display to the left of the screen. The below example shows a document with pages 3 and 4 out of order.

  3. To move a page, click the page you want to move, and drag and drop it to the appropriate spot in the sequence.

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Rotation - Change and Save

  1. Open the document.

  2. Use the Next Page or Previous Page button to find the page to rotate.

  3. Click Page Menu.


  4. Click Rotate and Save.

    rotate and save

Copy or Move the Document to a Batch.

  1. Open the document, and on the menu bar click Document, and click Copy or Move Pages.

  2. Click the desired rotation.

    NOTE: Every time you Rotate and Save, a page it will save a version of that page. You will have to go back and delete the versions you don't want or need.

    Another version of the page will be created. The indexing toolbar will now include the version buttons. These are seen only when the page viewed has another version.

    page version

    From here you can also Add a Version, Delete the Current Version, or Delete Previous Versions.

  3. Click Previous Version or Next Version to display the version that is incorrect.

  4. Click Page, then click Delete Current Version.
    The correct page should remain in the document.
    Delete Current Version

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