Scanning FAQs

When do I need to check settings?

Every time you start to scan.

How do I scan the yellow sheet of a multi-copy form (NCR) so we can read it?

From the Basic tab, under Mode, click Advanced Text Enhancement II.

How do I get landscape pages rotated properly?

From the Image Processing tab, click Text Orientation Recognition.

What do I do with pages on color paper?

From the Image Processing tab, click Color drop-out with the color closest to the color of your paper. Options are blue, green, and red

Once I have the settings correct for a page, can I save them?

In the Driver Configuration, select the Basic tab. Under user Preference, click Save to open the Save User Preference window.

Enter the name you want, such as pale date stamps, or pencil and light blue ink. Click OK.

What if my page is on legal size paper?

On the Driver Configuration Basic tab, select Page Size. Choose legal - 8.5 x 14 in.

What do I do if the pages are out of order?

If all of the pages use the same setting, delete the batch and re-scan. Otherwise you must wait until after the indexing is complete and reorder.

See the section called Image Pages Out of Sequence.

Can I use 256 Gray if nothing else works?


What do I do if I scanned pages that should not be in this document?

Copy those pages out to a batch, unless you plan to re-scan them. Use the section Separate an Entire Stack Indexed as One Document in Error.

See the section on how to Separate an Entire Stack Indexed as One Document in Error. These instructions provide information for copying pages to a batch for indexing and how to delete said pages.