Query Overview

BDMS Menu - selecting New Query

The query tool enables you to do the following:

  • create a new query
  • edit an existing query
  • run an already created query

BDMS provides a variety of document search and retrieval methods. Documents can be searched by index, wildcard, a list of values, and a combination search. You can search a single application or across multiple applications at the same time. After a query is created, it can be saved for later use and edited as needed. Saved queries appear under the application to which they belong.

After you retrieve a document from a query, you can view, print, add, and delete pages or documents and modify index and document properties.

NOTE: These functions are based on permissions assigned to your account, so you may not have all these functions.

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How to Create and Run a New BDMS Query

  1. From the list of applications, click the required application, and click New Query.

    To create a query, click on an appication and press New Query

  2. In the New Search page, use the index fields to specify the search criteria.

    Queries can be created by entering one or move values in any of the search fields. The more index values you enter for a query, the narrower the search will be. This will limit the amount of documents returned.

    Limit the Search list and Range using filters

  3. After all Query Selection Criteria has been entered, perform one of the following actions:

    run, save, or cancel
    • To run the query without saving it for future use, click RUN.
    • To save the query, and be able to run it at a future time, click SAVE.

      NOTE: If the query is saved, give the query a name and optionally check the "Available to all Users" checkbox if you want to share the query with other BDMS users. If you do not check the checkbox, your query is saved as a private query that only you can access.

      Saving a Search
    • To exit out of the query and return to the main BDMS page, click CANCEL.

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Methods for Entering Query Search Criteria Values

BDMS offers several options for selecting search Criteria. The search criteria can be as simple as one field value, such as a BannerID, or a complex combination of multiple values. 

See these four methods for entering Query Searches:

Single Value Search Criteria

  1. In the applicable text fields, enter search terms.
  2. Click the Search icon.
    Example: Next to ID, enter a specific student's BannerID to see all documents in an application for a specific student.

    using a Student's BannerID to search


TIP: Using Wildcard Characters in Search Fields. In the New Search page, index search criteria can be specified by using the asterisk (wildcard) character (*). For example, specify '2018*' to search for documents with a term code that begins with the characters '2018'

Multiple Select / Input and Enter Search Criteria

  1. For search fields that are tied to a predefined list of values, like Document Type, click in the field and choose a value from the drop-down list.

    Multiple select / input and enter search
  2. To enter multiple values, choose a value from the drop-down, then click in the search criteria white space to choose an additional value.

    The search criteria for that field displays the selected list of values.

    two document types chosen

Search Range Search Criteria

  1. To search based on a range of values, click the Search Range icon.

    Range Search Icon
  2. Enter your beginning and ending values.

    The Type of Comparison can use a number of relational operations.

    Search Range Type
  3. Click OK.

    click OK

    You are now presented with a written expression for the Search Range in the index field.

    expression of search range in the index

Search List Search Criteria

This search criteria allows you to enter multiple select values for a query. 

  1. To query on two or more Banner IDs (or other values), click the List search icon.
  2. One-by-one, enter the Banner ID's.
  3. After each Banner ID entered, click Add.
  4. Click the Search List icon.

Search List icon

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Query Results Window

When you submit a query, one or more rows of query results will display in the BDMS Query Results window. There are a variety of actions that can be performed on any document shown in the Query Results window.

  1. To open a document, click the down-arrow ▼.
  2. Click Open.

query results window


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Printing a Document from the Query Results Window

Once you have displayed a document from the Query Results window you can print it to your local or network printer.

  1. To print a query result, click PRINT.

    print button
  2. Click a print option (all pages, current page, or specific page ranges), and click PRINT.

    print range selection options

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