Dictionary of Commonly Used ePortfolio Terms

Application: Form completed online for admission into a program, department, or other admissions purpose.

Artifact: An electronic form that collects and stores a variety of student and faculty work, from general files to syllabi to lesson plans, which users can attach to assignments, course binders, field experience binders, and portfolios.

Assessment: The evaluation, appraisal, or measurement of a student’s knowledge and skills. Also the area where a student can view the rubrics attached to assignments.

Assessment Complete: The item had been assessed/graded/evaluated.

Assessment Pending: The item has been submitted and is ready for evaluation.

Assignment: Any task, such as an essay, lesson plan, or reflection, assigned to a student and sent through a course.

Course Binder: An electronic version of a binder notebook in which students can upload and store artifacts and documents within pre-defined tabs.

Course Evaluation: The end of the semester evaluation of the professor and the course.

Course Mean: The mean of all other sections of the same course, excluding the section listed.

Field Experience: The area in ePortfolio where internship information and placements are found.

Grant Extension: The process by which an assessor/faculty member allows extra time for an item to be submitted.

Group Mean: The mean of all courses evaluated using this same evaluation instrument, excluding the section listed. This includes all courses within your department that were evaluated at the same time within the same evaluation. If your department utilizes more than one evaluation, there will not be comparison values across evaluations.

Open for Editing: The item is open and ready to be completed. It has not yet been submitted.

Pending Task: An area of the Home tool that reminds you of items that you need to complete.

Portfolio: A collection of artifacts or other work that is submitted for review and often for assessment.

Report: How data is extracted from the system.

Revoke Assessment: The process by which an evaluator/assessor removes their original assessment of an item for re-submission and re-evaluation purposes.

Rubric: The assessment instrument that is used to grade/assess an item.

Section Mean: The mean of all responses for the section listed.

What will I see once I'm logged into ePortfolio?

Once logged in, you will see a series of tools along the left side of the screen. The tools may include:

Home:  This is the landing page for most roles.

Reports:  This tool allows Faculty and Staff to generate reports appropriate to their use of ePortfolio. The available reports will vary by role.

Applications:  This tool houses various applications for program admission or field experience, internship, and other special programs.

Artifacts:  This tool contains all of the documents, files, and forms you have uploaded or created.

Courses:  This tool contains all of your courses and other course-specific information (e.g., assignments or course binders).

Field Experience:  This tool contains the information related to any field experiences/internships pertaining to you.

Portfolios:  This tool houses any portfolios you have created or student portfolios that you assess.