ePortfolio FAQs

What is an ePortfolio artifact?

An artifact is an electronic form that collects and stores a variety of student and faculty work, from general files to syllabi to lesson plans, which users can attach to assignments, course binders, field experience binders, and portfolios. 

Many artifacts in ePortfolio are designed to meet individual specifications for the activity to which they are attached. If your activity is built using a specific artifact type (any artifact with a name besides "File"), you will utilize the artifact designed for your activity.

Many activities don't require specialized artifacts, and will use the File type artifact, which allows text entry or file uploads, and no particular field is required except for the title.

NOTE: Regardless of the artifact type you use, make sure every artifact has a unique title. The description is for your use and is not necessary to complete. In a File type artifact, the Content text box and File Upload fields are where you'll input the material for your artifact. Follow any instructions provided by your instructor to complete these artifacts.

What file types can be uploaded into an artifact?

You can upload virtually any file type into a file upload field in ePortfolio. Check the instructions on your assignment, course binder, portfolio, or field experience to determine the most appropriate file type for your submission.

If you find that your required file type will not upload, check that the file is not corrupt, not too large, and does not contain special characters in the title (letters and numbers are fine), then contact the ePortfolio support team to find out if it is one of the few file types not allowed in ePortfolio.

NOTE: Video files can only be uploaded into Video Artifacts. File-type uploads will not allow video files.

How do I know if my assignment has been submitted?

In the Status column, Review in Progress means that the item has been submitted and the instructor is able to assess it. Review Complete means that the instructor has already assessed the activity.

How do I know if my application has been submitted?

Once an application has been submitted a lock will appear next to the application's title in the Applications screen.

How do I know if my student teacher has acknowledged an observation?

Under the Name column, you will either see Student Teaching - Acknowledge Classroom Observation not attached, or you will see an artifact attached. If the student has attached it, you will be able to click the title to view the artifact. 

NOTE: The Status column on the main Field Experience screen will not change until the student has submitted the entire Field Experience at the end of the term. 

How do I identify the item type in ePortfolio? 

Locate the Pending Tasks area of the Home screen, then look at the Type column next to the title of the task.

You can find the Type column in many other places throughout ePortfolio. For instance, you can select the Courses tool on the left side of the screen and click on the Course title you wish to view. Select the Activities tab to view a list of all of the activities that are present in your course and the activity types.

I don't see the assignment or Course Binder that I need to submit. What do I do?

Please contact your instructor. Your department requests these activities, and any missing activities may not be sent yet, or may be housed elsewhere.

I'm receiving the following message: "The inputted score does not match the value of the performance rating for the following rubric(s):" What do I do?

Click OK to proceed or cancel to adjust the score before submitting.

NOTE: If you proceed, you are seeing this message because one or more of the Score fields in the rubric is set to a value higher than the score coded into the Assessment rubric

How do I add a Teaching Assistant (TA) to my course?

To add a TA to your course in ePortfolio, the instructor must contact ITAC with the TA's name and NetID, and the course information (including section number). TAs will have full privileges to the ePortfolio course information, including grades, due dates, and renaming activities.