Common Data Entry Placeholders

During the data entry process, your Data Entry Specialist may have had to enter data as a place holder because it was not provided on your vita and was required by the system.  Common place holders include:

  • 1925: this is the year that was used when a year was required by the system and one was not provided on your vita
  • Title not specified:  this was entered when an activity or work title was required and not provided on your vita
  • Peer-Reviewed / Refereed: unless otherwise noted, publications were marked as peer-reviewed/refereed
  • Students:  if you identified that you worked with a student on your vita and did not specify their level of study, the graduate identifier was used as the default
  • Other:  if an item type for an activity on your vita was not clearly discernible, "Other" was used and explained to the best of our ability.
  • Works in progress and submitted/under review: if a year was not identified, the current year was substituted in the "expected date of submission" area.