TXST File Transfer FAQs

Who can access TXST File Transfer?

Current Texas State faculty, staff, students, and Texas State University System staff.

Why can't I use my email alias in TXST File Transfer?

TXST File Transfer does not support accounts that have multiple email addresses. More specifically, the email address is the account name in TXST File Transfer. There isn’t any way in the application to link the two different email addresses to the same account for authentication and authorization. You must use your NetID when accessing this service. 

How long are files available if no expiration is set? Do they automatically delete, and when?

By default, files are deleted after 14 days. Users can set a different expiration date. This expiration date can be set to be as little as one day or a maximum of 30 days.

What is the default quota?

The default quota is 50 GB.

What is the criteria for getting a quota increase?

Criteria for a quota increase is based on need, and requires a university business justification.