How to Obtain Faculty/Staff and Student Directories and Kwikfones

Student Directories:

  • The student directory is available online
  • Student directories are distributed to all residents halls each fall semester 

Faculty/Staff Directories:

  • The and staff directory is available online.
  • Hard copies are no longer distributed to campus. In the site listed above, click on Phone Info/Department Listing and Faculty/Staff Directory to download a PDF and print the hard copy if desired.


  • KwikFones are distributed annually through campus mail.
  • Contact ITAC to request hard copies (outside of the normal annual distribution).

 Updating KwikFone or Phone Info/Department Listing information:

  • We typically collects updated information each August. Contact ITAC if you have questions or wish to submit an update to the KwikFone or Phone Info/Department Listing.