Learning Spaces Design

About Learning Spaces Design

The Learning Spaces Design team can provide you with ideas for developing your space to meet your Audio/Visual (A/V) presentation needs.

  • Available to: Faculty, Staff
  • Where to use: Campus
  • Cost: Varies

Learning Spaces consultation can provide you with ideas for developing your space to meet your A/V presentation needs. This involves scheduling a time to meet with you, evaluating the space, and providing you with an initial ballpark estimate. 

Learning Spaces Training  provides training resources to the University community in the use of emerging technologies and media-rich spaces at Texas State University. Our goal is to provide a service that fosters self-empowerment and independence while promoting successful use of technology in the classroom. 

Our staff is available during regularly scheduled class hours to assist instructors with the use of classroom technology equipment in Texas State’s first call classrooms.

Instructors who are new to Texas State’s 1st-call classrooms or who simply would like an update on the technologies that we offer in Texas State’s classrooms, can submit a request for individual training or group training for their department.

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