How to Add a New Phone to Your Duo Account

NOTE: This process is for faculty, staff, and student employees who have enrolled at least one device in Duo and would like to add another device.

Step 1: On your mobile device, install the Duo Mobile app.

  1. Go to your app store, search for Duo Mobile, and install the app.

  2. If asked, allow the Duo Mobile app to send notifications to your phone.


Step 2: On your computer, begin Duo enrollment.

  1. Go to an online service that requires Duo login (e.g., Online Toolkit).
  2. Enter your NetID and password, and click Logon.
  3. You will automatically receive a prompt (e.g., call or push) to your default device. Click Other Options.


    You will be asked to verify that it’s really you by performing an existing Duo login.
  4. Click Manage devices

  5. You will be asked to confirm that it’s really you by performing an existing Duo login. Using a device you already have enrolled, click on an option to complete the Duo login.

    NOTE: For this example, we selected Duo Push.

  6. Click Approve on your mobile device.

    This screen will appear
  7.  Click Yes, trust browser

    CAUTION: Only trust the browser if this security choice makes sense for the device you are on. If you are using a public and/or shared computer, do not trust the browser.

    NOTE: This will remember your device for 14 days.


    Once verified, you'll be taken to the devices page.


  8. Click Add a Device.

  9. Click the Phone Number option.

    add phone number
  10. Type in your phone number.

    type in your phone number

    NOTE: If this is a landline, click the This is a landline phone check box.

    this is a landline
  11. Click Add Phone.

    If this is a landline, you have the option to add an extension. If not, click skip this step.

    add new phone number
  12. Verify the number is correct, then click Yes, it's correct.

  13. Your phone has been added. Click Continue.


    Your added phone number will be displayed on your home screen.


    You have successfully added a new phone to your Duo account.