Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network FAQs

Which Wi-Fi network should faculty, staff, and students join?

TXST-Bobcats. Anyone with an active NetID and password should use the secure and fast TXST-Bobcats network. This includes faculty, staff, students, guests with an active NetID, and retirees. 

Residents can also join TXST-Home to connect media and gaming devices that only require a password to connect.

Which Wi-Fi network should family and guests join?

TXST-Visitor. Anyone who does not have a NetID can join the TXST-Visitor network.

What is Texas State Connect?

Texas State Connect is the place where you setup a passcode to use when logging into the TXST-Home network.

What is TXST-Home?

TXST-Home is the Wi-Fi network used to connect gaming and media devices that only accept a password to connect.

First get a passcode from Texas State Connect. Then, on the gaming or media device, go to  TXST-Home to enter the passcode to connect.

I just obtained a TXST-Home passcode, but it's not working. What do I do next?

A newly created passcode needs about five minutes to become active. Please wait and try again.

I live in a residence hall and I can't cast to my TV, what do I do?

Those living in residence halls must connect all devices to the TXST-Home network before casting from one device to another. This includes connecting your computer or mobile device to the TXST-Home network as well as your media or gaming device.