Network FAQs

Credit Card Reader Error Message: No Dial Tone

We don't troubleshoot the readers, but the issue is often with the analog phone line that the credit card reader uses, and we do provide support for phone lines.

The only troubleshooting we can do is to unplug the reader and plug it back or try an ANALOG phone on the line to see if the line is actually the problem. If the line proves to be the problem, verify connections (i.e. cord has not come out of the wall, etc.) and escalate the issue if needed.

Because credit card machines being down means that someone is likely to be losing business, don't delay in trying to get this type of troubleshooting done.

How to: Get an Ethernet Cable for Connecting to the Internet in the Dorms

The ITAC Walk-Up Center is located in Alkek Library on the first floor.

Contact the ITAC Call Center for pricing information. The Call Center is open 24 hours.

Ethernet cables are available for purchase and pick-up in the Walk-up Center, open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.