How to Access Texas State RemoteApps from a Windows Computer

  1. Go to  RemoteApps.
  2. Select Click Here to Download VMware Desktop Client.
     Main Screen of the VMware client downloading for web or desktop client
  3. Click Go To Downloads under VMware Horizon Client for Windows.
     A picture of the Go To Download for MacOS
  4. Click Download Now.
     Screen for download now                                                                          
  5. Run the executable downloaded with the name of Vmware-Horizon-Client.exe.
     Downloaded software selected to start running
  6. You will be prompted to accept an elevated permission prompt. If you agree to the license terms and privacy agreement, select Agree & Install
     Screen to accept the prompt to open the link
  7. Restart the computer, as prompted.
     Restart computer
  8. Open VMWare Horizon client
     Open VMWare Horizon Client
  9. Press the Plus Icon to add a server.
     Click add server
  10. Enter as connection server name.
  11. Press Connect.
    NOTE: You will be prompted to verify through Duo Mobile.
  12. Your default browser may ask if you want the link to always open VMWare Horizon Client. You may select Always Allow.
    Always Allow