Server Load Balancing

About Server Load Balancing

Server Load Balancing is assisting departments with application load balancing by use multiple, identical servers. This is used to increase the reliability of a service in case of individual server failure, allow maintenance while keeping the service up, and spread processing across multiple systems to improve performance. This service is provided by request and includes an evaluation of departmental business need.

  • Available to: Application Administrators
  • Where to use: Texas State data centers
  • Cost: Free

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Load Balancing Checklist

  • All backend servers are identical in the content being served
  • A self-signed certificate shared across the servers that can be trusted by the load balancer is in place on the service
  • Service health monitor for the service is defined in documentation (What health check can be used to determine if the service is running?)
    • Example: Querying will return 200 if the services are running
  • It is best to have the service up and configured across the backend servers prior to requesting load balancing so that validation can be completed during configuration
  • Limit traffic on backend nodes so it’s only available to the load balancer. (IP’s provided on request)
    • This is to ensure all traffic is routed through the load balancer.
    • Exceptions to this are permitted if the backend nodes will need to be accessed by the clients.

Note: Any modifications after initial setup will require a change request.


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