Voicemail FAQs

Why is the university getting a new voicemail system?

Our previous voicemail vendor is retiring their voice messaging service. The university purchased a new system to continue offering voicemail service to the campus community.

How do I get started with my new voicemail account?

Step 1. Go to voicemail.txstate.edu (from on campus) and setup a Security Code (PIN). (Learn more)
Step 2. Dial 5-9000, enter your new PIN, and record a new voicemail greeting. (Learn more)

If the new system is not in place until September 26, why am I being asked to take action now?

On September 26, callers will begin hearing your new voicemail greeting. Getting setup with your PIN and recording your greeting ahead of this date will ensure callers hear your preferred voicemail greeting.

If I don't record a voicemail greeting, what will callers hear after September 26?

If you do not record a voicemail greeting, callers will hear this message: "I'm sorry, extension 5xxxx (your extension) does not answer." If you do not want your direct line to be part of your greeting, you should record a new greeting.

If I already have voicemail service, do I need to fill out a new request for voicemail in the new system?

No. We created a new account for you in the new voicemail system. Be sure to setup your Security Code (PIN) and record a voicemail greeting to get your new account ready.

What’s going to happen to messages I received in the previous system?

They will remain in your email mailbox until you choose to delete them.

When I go to voicemail.txstate.edu, I get a message indicating that the site cannot be reached. Why is this?

You must be on the Texas State network to access voicemail.txstate.edu. If you are off-campus, please VPN into the network or contact ITAC for assistance.

What are the main differences between the old and new voicemail systems?

Features Previous Voicemail System New Voicemail System (as of 09/26)
Are messages sent via email with an attached audio file? Yes (.mp3 file) Yes (.wav file)
Do I get an email for missed calls? Yes No
Is the message transcribed in the email? Yes No
Can I dial in to listen to messages? Yes (5-9520) Yes (after 09/26, 5-9520)
How long are messages kept? Until you delete them from your email mailbox Until you delete them from your email mailbox; can dial in and listen for 60 days
Can I create an individual voicemail menu for callers to choose options when they get my voicemail? Yes No