Attendance Tracking

About Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking is an online system used to view and manage the attendance data that is collected when an individual scans their Texas State ID card onto the Card Access Reader of a university Teaching Theater.

  • Available to: Faculty
  • Where to use: Online, Alkek 250, Centennial Hall 157, LBJ Student Center 4-16.1, or UAC 105.
  • Cost: Free

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Attendance Tracking in Teaching Theaters with Canvas Integration

The Attendance Tracking system is integrated with the Canvas Attendance tool in the Teaching Theatres. Students’ attendance will automatically be tracked via student checkins with the Card Access Readers.

If you are an instructor in one of the Teaching Theaters, automated attendance tracking will be enabled by default based on you being an instructor in one of the teaching theaters.

Attendace Tracking system without Canvas integration

With the Attendance Tracking system, you may view your class attendance data and manage your classes in the online tracking system even without the Canvas integration.

Collected attendance data comes from the card readers located at the University's Teaching Theaters. After logging into the Attendance Tracking page, users will be able to locate data based on Course, Date, Time, and Teaching Theater. Users will also have to option to generate reports from this data and export them into excel spreadsheets.

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