How to Access a Shared Mailbox Using BobcatMail in Office 365

NOTE: To access a shared mailbox, the manager of the mailbox must make you a member of the shared mailbox group.   

TIP: If the shared mailbox was recently created, wait at least two hours before following these instructions to access the mailbox.

Follow these steps to access a shared mailbox using BobcatMail in Office 365:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Texas State email address (e.g.,

    office 365

    You will be redirected to the Texas State login page.
  3. Enter your NetID Password, and click Sign In.

    outlook login
  4. In the upper right of the screen, click your photo (or the round circle image).
  5. In the drop-down menu, click Open Other Mailbox.

    mailbox screenshot
  6. In the Open another mailbox dialogue box, enter the shared mailbox's email address.
  7. Select the shared mailbox, and click Open.

    mailbox screenshot

    The shared mailbox will open in a new tab in your web browser.