Distance Learning Platform (DLP)

About Distance Learning Platform (DLP)

The Distance Learning Platform (DLP) is technology installed in select academic classrooms that offer faculty a supported, professional audio and video educational environment for synchronous distance education.

  • Available to:  Faculty, Staff, Students
  • Where to use: Select San Marcos and Round Rock Campus (RRC) classrooms
  • Cost: Varies

Visit the Office of Distance and Extended Learning for more information about distance learning options.

DLP1 (ITV) vs. DLP2 (Hyflex)

There are two standard DLP classroom packages available on campus.  Each is purpose-built to facilitate the best experience for its intended use-case.

DLP1 classrooms are modeled after traditional "ITV" (Interactive Television) classrooms, intending to connect two similar rooms to each other.  Traditionally, one classroom in San Marcos will connect to a similar classroom in Round Rock for a synchronous class section taught by a single faculty member at either physical location.  These classrooms prioritize the ability for in-person students at each location to see and hear each other, bridging two classrooms into one.

DLP2 classrooms are based upon the newer "hyflex" instructional method where a faculty and some students are in one physical classroom while other students join the class virtually using Zoom.  These classrooms prioritize the traditional in-person student experience and the ability for the instructor to interact easily with the remote students.

DLP Features

  • Easy to use tablet display that controls all DLP functions
  • Whiteboarding
  • Screen sharing
  • Lecture capture with recording (via Zoom)
  • Screen capture via the room's document camera

Get Started

If you would like to use a DLP classroom, please contact the department of ownership listed below. For scheduling a course in a DLP classroom, please work with the Registrar.

DLP1 Classroom Locations

San Marcos Campus

Round Rock Campus

Derrick 235 (Computer Science)

Avery 319 (Business: Accounting)

Derrick 325 (Computer Science)

Avery 355 (RRC)

Encino 204 (Registrar)

Avery 364 (RRC)

McCoy 224 (Business: Accounting)

Avery 365 (RRC)


Avery 366 (RRC)

DLP2 Classroom Locations

San Marcos Campus

Round Rock Campus

Derrick 333 (Math)*


McCoy 105 (Business: Management)*


McCoy 125 (Business: Accounting)*


McCoy 222 (Business: Management)*


McCoy 223 (Business: Finance & Economics)*


McCoy 225 (Business: Finance & Economics)*


McCoy 241 (Business: Information Systems & Analytics)*


McCoy 335 (Business: Marketing)*


McCoy 337 (Business: Marketing)*


 *These DLP classrooms have a companion whiteboard installed.

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