How to Change your NetID Password and Validate a New Personal Email Address

  1. Open Online Toolkit
  2. Enter your NetID and password. Click Login.

    NOTE: If you are enrolled in Duo, select your preferred authentication method to continue to the Online Toolkit.

    online toolkit screenshot

    online toolkit screenshot
  3. Click Change Password.

    online toolkit screenshot
  4. Select the No radio button.

    NOTE: Answering no means that you will be required to validate your personal email address.

    online toolkit screenshot
  5. Enter a new personal email then re-enter the same personal email.
  6. Click Send Confirmation Email.

    NOTE: The system will send a one-time-use link to your personal email address.

    CAUTION: Depending on your personal email service, this email may take several minutes to reach your inbox. If you don"t see it within 15 minutes, look in your junk or spam folder.

    online toolkit screenshot
  7. Read the email and click the link contained in the email. A new web browser window or tab opens.

  8. On the One-Time-Use Link Validation screen, enter your date of birth. Click Validate.

    online toolkit screenshot
  9. Click the checkbox, I agree to comply with the...
  10. Enter your Old Password.
  11. Enter and re-enter your New Password.

    NOTE: Consider creating a passphrase that is at least 15 characters long. See passphrase best practices.
  12. Click Submit.

    online toolkit screenshot