NetID Password Change Tips

You've changed your NetID password to a passphrase, now what?

Here are a few things to consider:

NetID passwords expire every 365 days. There's no need to set a reminder on your calendar; ITAC will send you lots of reminder emails to help make sure you get it done on time! 

Update your password wherever you frequently use it. After changing your password, think about all the places you use it to log in, such as your TXST computer or mobile device (email and Wi-Fi). Be sure to update that new password everywhere!

Change your password before you travel out of the USA. If traveling out of the country and your password is about to expire or you forgot it, consider changing it before you leave. This way, you'll have access to support in case there are issues. It's still possible to change it while away, but the sure thing is to change it while still home.

Update your password on your TXST laptop. While connected to the TXST network, log into your TXST laptop with your new password. If you are off-campus and unable to connect to the TXST network, continue using your previous password to login to that computer until you are able to once again connect to the TXST network to make the change.