eduroam Wi-Fi Network

About eduroam Wi-Fi Network

The eduroam Wi-Fi Network is a secure service providing high-speed wireless Internet access to 12,000 academic and research institutions worldwide, including 450 locations in the United States.

  • Available to:  Faculty, Staff, Students (when visiting participating institutions) and TXST Visitors (from participating institutions)
  • Where to use: At participating academic and research institutions worldwide
  • Cost: Free

Get Started

Eduroam is available at more than 12,000 locations worldwide, including more than 450 colleges, universities, and research facilities in the United States. See the below list and maps to learn who is participating:

NOTE: While you can connect to the internet, you may not be able to access all of your institution's services. See a list of port restrictions.

Texas State Faculty, Staff, and Students

Important note: Bobcats use eduroam to connect when visiting other campuses. Bobcats cannot connect to eduroam while on the TXST campus.

When you visit an eduroam participating institution, connect to eduroam on that campus using your Texas State email address (e.g., and your NetID password.

Visitors to Texas State from Other Universities

When you visit Texas State from an eduroam participating institution, connect to eduroam at TXST using your institution credentials.


How eduroam Works

Texas State University participates in eduroam (education roaming), a global wireless network access service for research and educational institutions. This partnership allows users to easily access Wi-Fi while visiting participating institutions. See the technical details on how this type of global connection works.

See the below help articles for step-by-step instructions on how to use the eduroam Wi-Fi network.

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