Microsoft 365 Guest Access Review

Guest Access Review is a method provided through Microsoft 365 to review and authorize access for external (non-TXST) accounts to Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams.

Periodic Review

Any non-TXST accounts with access to Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams will undergo a required access review by the owner of the group or team every three months.

Day Action
1 Email delivered to group owner(s) to approve continued access
25 If the access review has not been approved, access will be terminated for the non-TXST user


Access Review Experience

  1. Open the system-generated email.

  2. Click on the Start Review button in the email.
  3. Click on the Begin Review button for each group that needs an access review.

    office 365 page

    You'll be taken to a page with recommended actions for each user.

    access suggestions page
  4. Select an action on each user and provide a reason for the continued access. Click Save.

    action selection page

    Congratulations! You have successfully reviewed guest access in Microsoft 365.