How to Manage Zoom Recordings

Only a Zoom host has the ability to record a meeting but may elevate a guest to also record during the meeting. 

To record your meeting, click the Record button in the bottom of the screen.

Zoom Record Icon Location
There are two options when saving recorded Zoom meetings:

  1. Save your recording to your computer
  2. Save your recording to the Zoom Cloud

    CAUTION: Your video will only be available on the cloud for seven days. If you wish to keep this recording, make sure to save your video to another location before it s deleted. 

Managing Your Recordings with Mediaflo

Mediaflo is the university's online media management system. It allows users to upload, manage, and share video and audio, including meetings recorded in Zoom.

If faculty and staff wish to use Mediaflo to host and manage your recordings, visit the Mediaflo service page for more information on requesting an account and using the service.