Password Management

About LastPass Password Management

Password management is provided by LastPass. LastPass is a cloud-based password management tool equipped with all the necessary features for managing and protecting your passwords, including website logins, addresses, and Wi-Fi passwords.

  • Enterprise version available to: Faculty, Staff, Student Employees, and Graduate Assistants
  • Premium (personal) version available to: Students, Faculty, Staff
  • Where to use: Online, mobile devices
  • Cost: Free

Get Started

Get up and running with LastPass in three easy steps!

step 1

Set Up Your Enterprise Account
(Faculty, Staff, Student Employees, and Graduate Assistants)

Use LastPass Enterprise to store any passwords related to TXST business.
Learn more.


step 2

Set Up Your Premium (Personal) Account
(Faculty, Staff, and Students)


Use LastPass Premium to store your personal passwords. Renew your free Premium account annually. Learn more.

step 3

Link Your Accounts
(Faculty, Staff, Student Employees, and Graduate Assistants)

Link your Enterprise account with your Premium account to keep passwords all in one place while both accounts remain separate. Learn more.

Also get the LastPass Mobile App

Download the LastPass mobile app for your iPhone/iPad or Android devices and securely take your passwords with you everywhere you go. 

After you've completed the steps above, save your first password!

To begin using LastPass, add a new site or import your previously saved passwords from another source

Remove saved passwords from your browser to help keep your confidential data safe!

Learn how to remove your saved passwords here


See the below help for step-by-step instructions on how to use LastPass.

LastPass Live Training

Live weekly training sessions offer an in-depth review of LastPass and allow users to submit questions and interact with the trainers. Register for Live End User Training

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