LastPass Password Management FAQs

I already let my browser remember my passwords. Why should I use LastPass instead?

Storing your passwords using your browser is not secure and only remembers your password on one device. LastPass is secure and everything you save in LastPass is synced automatically, so your passwords are available everywhere you need them. 

I already have a personal LastPass account. Why should I upgrade to a Premium account?

Premium accounts are free for TXST faculty, staff, and students and offer a number of premium features including:

  • One-to-many password sharing
  • Ability to set up and use emergency access
  • 1 GB encrypted file storage via secure notes
  • Priority customer support
  • Extra security with multi-factor authentication
  • Desktop application logins
  • Desktop fingerprint identification
  • An ad-free vault to store and manage your sites, secure notes, and form fill profiles

Who has access to Premium LastPass accounts?

Anyone with a Texas State email address! This account can be renewed yearly as well.