How to Set Up Your LastPass Premium (Personal) Account

LastPass Premium is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students. These are one-year renewable licenses for all Bobcats to store personal passwords.

Follow these steps to set up your Premium account:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your TXST email address. Then enter your personal email address, and click Submit.


    NOTE: You will be taken to a webpage confirming that an email has been sent to your TXST email address.

  3. Check your TXST email and click Create my account.


    NOTE: In the Email field, your personal email address will automatically appear.
  4. In the Master Password field, create a password. 

    CAUTION: Do not enter your NetID password or your personal email address password.
  5. Re-enter the Master Password.
  6. Click Create My Account.

  7. Click Confirm.

    The LastPass browser extension icon will turn red when your set up is complete.

  8. Click the LastPass browser extension icon to get started with LastPass.


    You have successfully set up your LastPass Premium account.