How to Approve Time in SAP Mobile

  1. Go to the SAP Portal
  2. Enter your NetID and SAP password, and tap Login.

    Texas State login screen
  3. Complete Duo if prompted.

    NetID 2-step screenshot
  4. Tap Approve Timesheets.

    SAP screenshot
  5. Tap an employee's name.

    SAP screenshot
  6. Tap the checkbox next to the time record.
    TIP: Multiple time entries for the same person can be selected for approval.
  7. Tap Approve.

    SAP screenshot
  8. In the Confirmation dialog box, tap OK.

    SAP screenshot

    Congratulations! You have successfully approved employee time.

    TIP: To approve multiple employee times, go back to the main SAP Mobile Apps screen and begin again by tapping Approve Timesheets.