How to Record Working Time in SAP Employee Self-Service

  1. ​​​Go to the SAP Portal
  2. Enter your NetID and password, then click Login.
    login screen
  3. If prompted, complete Duo.
  4. Locate the group Time.
  5. Select My Timesheet (Version 3).
    my timesheet (version 3)
  6. When the Overview window opens, click Enter Records. Consider the following:

    Salary Employees - Enter working time exceptions
    Hourly Employees - Enter time worked

    Enter Records
  7. Choose an attendance/absence type (SAP calls assignments) for your time entry.
    choose type
  8. Enter hours or use the “+” or  “-” button to add or reduce hours

    NOTE: To Add Additional Absences for the same day, click the + button. To delete an entry, click the X Button. To duplicate time entries, click Duplicate Time entries. Select time entries to be duplicated, and then click Duplicate.
    enter hours
  9. Click Submit.
    submit button