Superuser (SU) Account

About Superuser (SU) Accounts

Superuser (SU) Account is a NetID based user account that allows the user to be granted elevated privileges in a computer or application. The format of an SU Account is the user's NetID with "su-" in front of it. Examples of privileges include local admin access to Windows servers or desktops or root access to Linux servers.

  • Available to: Faculty and Staff (Technical Support Personnel), and Student Workers (by Faculty/Staff request)
  • Where to use: Texas State servers and applications
  • Cost: Free

Get Started

  1. Submit a request to get a Superuser account.
  2. Once your account is created, setup an SU password in the Online Toolkit.

Reasons for requesting a SU account:

  • access MDT services
  • access servers (Windows or Linux), including sudo commands on a Linux server
  • access application administrator functions

SU Accounts should NOT be requested or used for day-to-day work as a normal user, to get a second NetID, or as a guest NetID. If a student employee needs an SU account, the requester should be faculty or staff.


See the below help article for step-by-step instructions on how to use Superuser Accounts:

How to Change or Reset an SU Account Password.

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