How to Set or Reset your Voicemail Security Code (PIN)

  1. While connected to the TXST wired or Wi-Fi network, go to

    NOTE: If you are off campus, connect to the network via VPN, or contact ITAC for assistance.
  2. Enter your extension (e.g., 52111) or Texas State email address (, and click OK.

    pin 1

    The screen will display instructions indicating that an email will be sent to you to complete the reset process.

    pin 2

    NOTE: You will receive an email from
  3. Click the first link in the email.

    NOTE: You must complete the reset process within 10 minutes.

    pin 3
  4. Enter a security code, then re-enter the security code. Click OK.

    NOTE: Security codes must be 6-15 numbers long and cannot be a recently used code.

    pin 4

    Next, you will see a success screen.

    pin 5

    You have successfully reset your voicemail security code. If you have not done so yet, please record a greeting.