Faculty & Staff Course Evaluations

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Online departmental course evaluations and all HB2504 SPIs and will now be sent through Course Evaluations and Surveys by Watermark.

What Departments Can Do in CES

Project Administrators

  • Set custom start, reminder, and end dates for each course evaluation. 

  • Create custom email communications that go out with course evaluations. 

  • View and download reports for each evaluation. 

  • Any department using online Course Evaluations will be allowed one Project Administrator to send evaluations and can request additional Report Administrators to view and pull reports. Instructors will be able to generate their own reports.  

  • Request a new or changed Project or Report Administrator

Report Administrators can: 

  • View a variety of results for each project.  

  • Generate standard reports for faculty in their designated department. 

  • Create, save, and share custom reports. 

Faculty can: 

  • View real-time completion statistics in both the CES application and sometimes on Canvas.  

  • Generate and download reports, both standard and custom, within the CES application.  

Important Information 

  • Each semester’s course evaluations are contained in a Project. Each Project is a container for the questionnaire, courses, faculty and students, communications, and much more, for each semester. The Project Administrator in each department is responsible for setting up the Project(s) each semester for your department. This is generally an Administrative Assistant.