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About Email Alias

Visit the Email Alias page for more information about this service.

Get Started

To create a custom email alias, log into the Online Toolkit and click Email Alias.

  • Messages addressed to will be delivered to your assigned mail account and messages sent from your assigned mail address through will have your Email Alias substituted in the From: field of the message.
  • Once you have selected an Email Alias, it cannot be modified. You are allowed one opportunity every 6 months to select a replacement Email Alias. If you select a replacement Email Alias your old Email Alias will be disabled. Mail sent to the old Email Alias will be forwarded to your assigned mail account for 90 days.
  • An Email Alias can be from 6 to 20 characters long. It must:
    • Start with an alphabetic character.
    • End with an alphabetic character.
    • Contain only letters and optionally: underscores (_) and periods (.).
    • Must be lowercase (will be lowered automatically for all new aliases).
    • Do not include "" in the alias.


See the below help articles for step-by-step instructions on how to use Email Alias.

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