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About Event Live Streaming

Event Live Streaming is available to assist in successfully hosting live stream campus events. Live streams are hosted on TXST websites and provide a one-way audio and video feed from your event for viewers all around the world to access. Live stream events are designed for events that plan to attract more than 300 online viewers. If you need to schedule an event in a supported campus space and you plan to stream the event live, we can support you.

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We are here to assist faculty and staff in successfully hosting live stream events - events that occur on campus and are viewed by people online. In this instance, the online audience watches and hears the event but does not actively participate. Live stream events require an ITAC audio/visual technician setup equipment and be on site for the duration of the event.

If you need to schedule an event in one of the specific campus spaces below and you plan to stream the event, ITAC is here to help!

On a day prior to your event, an ITAC agent will complete a full on-site evaluation with you that covers understanding your live stream event needs.

On the day of your event, an ITAC agent will setup all necessary equipment before your event start time and will run the live stream instance for the duration of your event.

Live Stream Supported Campus Locations:

  • Albert B. Alkek Library - ALK 250
  • Albert B. Alkek Library -  Wittliff Gallery (7th Floor)
  • Avery Building - AVRY 252 (Round Rock Campus)
  • Centennial Hall - CENT 157
  • J. C. Kellam - JCK 1100 (Reed Parr Room)
  • J. C. Kellam - JCK 1140 (Regent's Room)
  • LBJ Student Center - LBJSC 3-16.1 (Ballroom)
  • Undergraduate Academic Center - UAC 105
  • Other campus spaces considered on a case-by-case basis

Departmental Cost: There is no charge for an initial consultation. If you choose to move forward with the Event Live Streaming, the cost is $80 per hour. After the first two hours, additional time is charged in 15-minute increments. After the initial consultation and prior to your event, ITAC will provide a total time estimate for your approval.

When and Where: Two appointments will be scheduled: (1) on a day prior to your event date and (2) on the day of your event. Both appointments will take place in one of the above reserved event locations.

How to Get Started: Submit a Event Live Streaming request.

See the full terms and conditions.


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