Remote Teaching and Collaborating Resources for Faculty

The IT Division delivers and ITAC supports a variety of tech services connecting you with colleagues and students to seamlessly work from virtually anywhere. Take advantage of these services so you'll always be prepared to work and teach from off campus.

Prepare to work and teach remotely

Use these devices and services while off-campus:

  • TXST laptop (if available); personal laptop or desktop computer

Web browser and system requirements for Canvas, Zoom, and Microsoft 365 (including Teams)

NOTE: Some academic departments may require software and apps specific to its discipline. Depending on the software, your computer may need to have more stringent requirements than those listed above.

  • Webcam with microphone
  • Secure Internet connection
    • Minimum bandwidth is 600 kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 mbps (up/down). Go to to check your speed.
    • Broadband minimum for mobile devices is 3G or 4G/LTE.
  • Smartphone, tablet, or telephone (for Duo)

Install these software tools and apps (if needed):

NOTE: Some software may only be available to install and use on your TXST computer. From your personal computer, remote to your TXST computer to access that software (requires a VPN connection).

Make sure your devices and tools are ready to be used:

Attend a training session offered by ITAC, ODEL, and Faculty Development:

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Connect to tools and services you will need

Test drive these tools so you'll be comfortable using them away from campus:

Go fully paperless by making these part of your daily practices no matter where you work:

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Effectively work from virtually anywhere

Being prepared ahead of time will help you work and teach flawlessly while away from campus. Now, you're ready to work from virtually anywhere!

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Strategies to successfully teach online

Consider using these tech teaching tools and strategies in your remote classes:

Also see the Office of Distance and Extended Learning Teaching Continuity Guide.

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Document and data management reminders

If working on a personal computer, do not store any files on that computer. Storing sensitive or confidential university information on personally-owned devices makes those devices subject to Texas Public Information Act requests. Always use these TXST resources to store your work files:

Review our Data Management Comparison Guide.

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